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Developed forming process and guidelines for sheet applications

In spite of the low weight of the aluminium, the use of this material in automtive inductry is limitated by its low formability. Sharp corners or edges achievable on steel parts are not achievable on aluminium parts.

At higher forming speed (higher strain rate), the formability is higher, because necking occurs later. Electro Magnetic Forming is a high speed forming technology compatible with automotive process and can be coupled with deep-drawing.

The results presented here give basic guidelines required to couple this innovative process with deep-drawing in order to design and manufacture an automotive aluminium sheet stamped part.

Targeting potential areas
Geometry not feasible with aluminium

Part design
= Simulation = deep drawing can be used to know the strain available before EMF - no necking and 15% max thinning is allowed = Geometry achievable by EMF = small edge radius : in principle sharp radii (e.g. R2) achievable. Min. radius depends on formability and process setup. maximal formed edge length/embossing area 70-200J/cm(160J/cm² in case of the sheet demonstrator)

Material choice
High electrical conductivity s required AA6016: sÜ26 MS/m or AA5182:sÜ17 MS/m

Deep-drawing tool design no influence on deep drawing cycle time coil insert can easily be included in a stamping tool holes to let the air flow are required PU (soft material) in the insert requires smooth radii of the preformed part life time of coil insert regarding stamping restraints is unknown

EMF equipment and parameters
Typical values
Current: 100KA max 8KV - 7/10KHz - 15micro seconds
Electro magnetic force 70/130MPa

EMF tooling design: insert
- A design of coil, which resist to both stamping and EMF forces was found during this project
- Mix of steel - copper wires in epoxy raisin reinforced with kevlar fiber - exterior in PU to resist stamping
- Cooling system might be necessary

Trying out
Deep drawing: PU can be milled if necessary after casting
EMF: after 10 tests, parameters can be fixed.

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