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Study to the state of art showed past and current lightweight frame solutions in passenger cars and in motorcycles

Vehicle manufacturers are forced to apply lightweight solutions by a lot of needs and legal conditions. They are applied in order to save weight and resources, to improve the driving performance of vehicles and also to demonstrate and exploit technology progress. The Aluminium space frame consists of aluminium profiles, which are connected by cast aluminium connection nodes.

Nodes can also include mechanical functions like supports for hinges, locks etc. Frame strictures of sports cars are often produced from simple or standard aluminium or using large section aluminium profiles in combination with panels and formed parts. In order to realize a maximum fuel consumption of one litre per 100 km in a two seater motorcar prototype, Volkswagen realized a lot of outstanding innovative details.

This innovative prototype vehicle demonstrates the weight saving potential by a consequently use of new lightweight materials and lightweight design. Mechanical joining systems are Screws and threads with washers, all kinds of rivets and joints by material forming. The clinch method is a new cold joining technique. In coherence with increasing aluminium application in the automotive industry also welding technologies were developed intensively. Adhesive bonding methods emerge more and more to common joining methods in the automotive industry. Adhesives can also seal up the joints.

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