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Active tilting three wheeled vehicle chassis

The result describes development of a tilting three wheeled chassis to enable small wheeltrack, with one wheel at the front and two at the rear. The main vehicle cabin tilts with the front wheel using an active control system operating hydraulic actuators.

Potential applications:
- City vehicles
- Other classes of car
- Light goods vehicle
- Other land vehicles, especially where upright stability is required, or rollover is common

End users:
- Automotive industry
- University teaching courses, internal and industrial.

Main innovative features:
- Servo-operated hydraulic system responding to driver inputs and vehicle attitude using modern control approach.
- Vehicle dynamics largely adjusted using software modifications - Current state of the art uses mechanical linkages to operate hydraulic valve, so vehicle dynamics vehicle will be improved.

Chassis dynamics (suspension, geometry, tyres) developed in harmony with control system.

Majority of development performed with numerical simulation.
Vehicle maintains direct steer link to front wheel and therefore driver feel of the road.

Development in tyre and steer geometry achieves the correct feel.
Failsafe operation captured in control algorithm, and backed up by mechanical device (confidential).

Hydraulic system sized to exact power requirements for efficient operation. Use of accumulator and variable unloading valve ensures minimal engine power interruption when pump is online.

Small number of hardware components for tilting system because of direct steer hence low cost.

Potential barriers:
Difficulties in achieving correct steer torque (hence driver feel) for all driving conditions.

Reported by

Claverton Down
United Kingdom
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