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Application of HCCI combustion to future HD engines

Based on single cylinder engine tests, the findings were applied to a multi-cylinder diesel engine with 7,8 dm3 cylinder capacity. For these tests, the engine was converted from a unit injector to a common rail injector system and a system allowing very high exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)rates was developed.

With this diesel engine for commercial vehicles higher BMEP's (up to 10 bar) could be realised. Above this value both the fuel consumption and the emissions deteriorated. Therefore, an application of this combustion system is only feasible in a dual mode form; i.e. at low load homogeneous combustion and above up to full load with a conventional heterogeneous combustion. In this case still exhaust gas aftertreatment is needed, resulting in a substantial increase in engine cost.

This possibility was investigated for truck and bus applications. In a truck application the fuel consumption is higher than with a conventional system and only a small reduction in AdBlue-consumption was noted.

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