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New material to improve locking devices

A PM material combining a standard stainless steel and a stainless tool steel have been developed and tested with respect to drill resistance, corrosion resistance and toughness. All being important material characteristics that have not been possible to combine in single details within the lock industry. A material with these criteria s will be very hard to machine in the sintered state, therefore green machining is a preferred route for this type of material.

The work with analyzing the component manufacturing is merely in its beginning. Before the material can be commercially used there needs to be manpower directed at relating the influence of the major process variables (alloy composition, sintering atmosphere, holding temperatures and times, cooling rates etc) seen from the limits defined from industrial partners within the powder metallurgy industry. Drilling in the green state have been performed and is seen as a possibility for this material given the right lubricant and curing. Whether turning and milling is possible in the green state have not been evaluated.

During the time span of the project other materials fulfilling the same criteria’s have been developed and refined by other companies which have decreased the need for industrializing of this material.

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