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Design of an effective dust removal system for machining PM materials in the green state

In turning PM-materials in the green state dust and particles pollute the machining system and increase cleaning maintenance effort is required. Especially for turning a sinter hardenable PM material a dust removal system has to be used. Therefore different principles are possible. The fan principle is easy to install but the rotating components in the dust and particle stream are high cumbered. Another possibility is the use of an injector. Regarding the fact that a pressured air system is installed at the machining system the injector principle is also easy to install, it makes less noise and is easy to maintain. The dust removal system based on the injector principle has been implemented in the turning lathe and was found to be effective for the Distaloy AE (D+, D-) and Astaloy CrM (A+, A-) chips. A significant reduction of dust-like chips is observed in the working place when the system is operating. The support of potential manufacturers is planned by different ways like publishing articles, hosting workshops and conferences especially for SMEs as well as taking part in fairs etc.

In particular, it is planned to publish results of the project in one or more of the following journals:
- International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,
- Journal of Material Processing and Manufacturing,
- Journal of manufacturing Science and Engineering Transaction of the ASME.

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Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management (IWF), TU Berlin
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