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New Cr , Al, C, Si based nanocomposite coating for green machining

The hard grains of the coating are built up by CrAlN. They are embedded into an amorphous matrix of silicon nitride (SiNx). This generate the Nanocomposite structure with a much higher hardness than the hardness of standard PVD coatings. Due to the amorphous silicon nitride the coating possesses a high toughness and low internal residual stress, which makes a thin coating on sharp cutting edges possible. On the top of the hard coating we deposit a soft carbon based coating as a DLC (diamond like coating). This lubrication layer decreases the friction coefficient (down to µ<0.1) and therefore avoids the so called build up edges, the sticking of the green material on the cutting edges of the tool. Beside green machining is successfully tested under industrial conditions for cutting high alloyed materials, like INOX, Hasteloy etc. Due to the high heat hardness and the low friction coefficient the coating fundamentally supports the dry environmental friendly production. The coating is trademarked as nACVIc® (nACRo® +CBC).The coating is commercial available for industrial use.

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