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Green strength enhancement by moderate heat treatment for compacts made of stainless steel powder

Green strength is an important physical property of a metal powder compacted part. The importance of sufficient green strength becomes increasingly apparent if a green machining operation is intended to be performed. In general, stainless steel powder materials not only achieve low green densities by compaction but also low green strength values compared to regular low-alloy powder. A way to increase both green strength and green density is to use the warm compaction technique. The warm compaction technique comprises both heated pressing tools and powders (approx 130ºC). During the PM MACH project an alternative way to increase green strength for a stainless steel powder, without using the warm compaction technique, was tested. By using an certain lubrication, mixed together with the stainless steel powder, and combined with a heat treatment (approx. 225ºC, 1 hour) after compaction, a remarkable enlargement in green strength can be obtained. This enlargement is almost four times higher compared with the green strength obtained with warm compaction.

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