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NEGOWAT Résumé de rapport

Project ID: ICA4-CT-2002-10061
Financé au titre de: FP5-INCO 2
Pays: France

Contribution to the theoritical discussions about participative modelling and simulation for collective decision making

Detailed analysis and assesment of role playing games for natural resource management, and its roles as negotiation support tools has been undertaken. RPG have proved usefull especially to (i) create a favorable basis of interaction between actors, generating empatia and aproximating actors (ii) reveal and and facilitate understanding about the different interests, constraints, values systems and sensibility to risk of the different parties (iii) facilitate the understanding of complex dynamics .
The methodology of collective elaboration of the game used in Brazil did promote collective learning within the research group. Individual knowledge was integrated in a visual and logical way using a common language (modeling language) and structuring components of the model was collectively selected. But this integrative work is expensive in term of time and transaction costs.

The project also contributed also to develop discussions about (i) contribution of the role and place of simulation of a virtual situation (and its relative place to reality) in understanding of a complex reality or problem solving. (ii) how to develop a Companion Modelling approach, which is problem-oriented approach, developped and adapted for a unique situation, that can be replicated in different situation of the periurban catchment, but in a flexible and adapted way depending of the question, in order to reduce transaction cost to its development and implementation in populated areas (iii) added value of desegregating complex issue in adapted representation depending of the scale chosen for intervention. (Iv) monitoring the monitoring and assessment of role-playing game sessions:

Dissemination of the results is planned in 2007 by the organization of a seminar with Negowat partners and in partnership with the Alfa project GovAgua about "Negotiation of Water Conflicts in Periurban Regions" (to implemented 2nd semester 2007, in Sao Paulo). Other dissemination activities includes workshops for decision makers and technicians of NGO, and social organisations.

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