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NEGOWAT Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: ICA4-CT-2002-10061
Gefördert unter: FP5-INCO 2
Land: Brazil

Integrated knowledge about land and water functioning of periurban catchment of Sao Paulo Brasil

The partners has aquired improved knowledge about the functioning of periurban catchment from field studies and learning from the interventions. Thise include local and specific information such as historical reconstition of land use evolution in the periurban catchment studied, analysis of the contribution of the Jundiai reservoir to fosforus pollution charge of downstream reservoirs (Brazil); Impact of cold front in toxic algae bloom Sao Paulo reservoirs; Heteroneity, quantitative importance and difficulties of small farming systems of the RMSP (Brazil); Census of local settlements organizations in Paralheiros;.But it also includes general understanding of periurban functionning: For example, mechanisms of land speculation in Sao Paulo; representations of local actors about urbanization and pollution in headwater catchment, nature and importance of the differences of representations between local actors and institutional ones in Brazil.

These knowledge has been integrated in a global framework or representation that allow for a better understanding of the specificities of periurban areas, of the relationships between land and water management, and of the social and technical aspects of water management in periurban. This is a particularly important challenge in Brazil where the complexity of the situation makes it difficult to understand the interrelashionships between the different economic, social and technical factors and can be an obstacle to the elaboration of sustainable solutions and sucess of large infrastructure investment project.

This improved knowledge has permitted partners an active participation in different event promoted either by civil society or government sponsored concerning the development of new institutional arrangement concerning land and water management in the protected area of the periurban catchment of Sao Paulo such as the coordination of 3 workshop in ISA Guarapiranga seminars, participation with the catchment committee to the elaboration of the specific law of Guarapiranga or development of partnerships with other important actors in the sector.

It has also permitted partners to develop research or development activities related to this issues such as : (i) the Creation a new area of activity in the Instituto Polis the Água como direito (Water as a right) This area will develop research, formation and assessorships activities to the priority public of the Instituto Polis (the civil society organizations and governments), establishing connections with National and International Forums for the defense of water and basic sanitation, public rights and social control., as well as integrated project such as project dealing with right to the city with environmental aspects (ii) Formulation of a research-development project on Urban Agriculture by the State Department of Agriculture of sao Paulo (iii) Elaboration of new institutions to guarantee the environmental quality of agricultural production by development of integrated project between the State department of Agriculture of Sao Paulo and the Alto Tiete water agency (iv) Negotiation project to empower the technical branch to develop a common property management strategy for the watershed s rural area.

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