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NEGOWAT Informe resumido

Project ID: ICA4-CT-2002-10061
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-INCO 2
País: Netherlands

Training tools about land and water conflict management in periurban areas, including computerized role playing games

The project has tested and produced a series of training materials materials that can be used by the research partners and other organisations to strengthen capacities in the main focus of the project: methodologies for negotiating peri-urban land and water conflicts. These training materials are targeted at middle-level professionals and students (e.g. NGOs, regional and local government staff, University staff and researchers) involved in the management of land and water resources. Training is focused on transferring and developing knowledge in appropriate methodologies for use in different situations on potential and actual conflict.

The training materials are made up of a series of modules that includes a powerpoint presentation, and one or more supporting documents/ papers providing further information. All these materials are available on the project website.

A course has been organized in the San Simon University to teach the methodology and the experience obtained by the researchers on the issue. The course is formally recognized by the University, and may be repeated in the forthcoming years.

In Brasil, the computorized tool are also integrated in the training materials and have been tested as such in diferent professional or/ local government staff training course. In training course, RPG have proved usefull especially to (i) experiment negotiation situations (ii) reveal and and facilitate understanding about the different interests, constraints, values systems and sensibility to risk of the different parties (iii) facilitate the understanding of complex dynamics . The instruments developed in NEGOWAT Project, like Ter´águas and AguAloca are aslo to be used in academic training course -Graduate, Pos-Graduate and Specialization students of USP University and environmental education - with specialization in conflict negotiation.

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