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Testate amoebae climate proxy

A set of proxy-climate data based on testate amoebae

A total of 1060 samples was analysed from nine sites. Some of the results are already published (Hughes et al, 2006; Sillasoo et al., in press) and publications are in preparation for the rest of the data.

Generation of hydroclimatic curves for evaluation of proxy-climate data
A series of hydroclimatic curves was generated from 6 out of 8 European sites, the other sites proving unsuitable for testate amoebae analysis. The hydroclimatic curves (expressed as depth to water table) were generated by applying a transfer function based on modern testate amoebae and hydrological data to the fossil testate amoebae assemblage data. Estimates were made using a weighted averaging model with tolerance downweighting and error estimates were calculated by bootstrapping using 1000 bootstrap cycles.

A new technique for palaeohydrological reconstruction at a pan-European scale
A new training set of 143 samples from the eight European sites was collected. This has resulted in the production of a new transfer function for reconstructing the depth to water table from fossil testate amoebae assemblages from ombrotrophic peatlands. The resulting palaeohydrological reconstructions can be regarded as proxy records of climate changes as the main influences on changing hydrology are precipitation and evapotranspiration. The results of this work have been published.

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