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Precise dating and data for generation of age-depth models

The ACCROTELM peat cores have been precisely dated by 14C AMS wiggle-match dating. In addition, recent peat accumulation has been dated by a variety of techniques including the 14C �bomb peak�, 210Pb, 137Cs, spheroidal carbonaceous particles (SCPs) and pollen horizons.

The ACCROTELM dating strategy has resulted in papers on high-precision radiocarbon chronologies and the dating of recent
(< 150 yr) peat deposits. The precise dating of the peat cores and construction of robust age-depth models is crucial for all aspects of the ACCROTELM project, as indicated by the publications on palaeohydrology and climate change; vegetation history, climate change and human impact; fungal hyperparasitism and climatic conditions.

Articles about high-precision radiocarbon dating were produced. The 14C AMS wiggle-match data are important for all other aspects of ACCROTELM, and especially for the evaluation of the role of climate forcing factors. See documentation section for forthcoming papers.

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