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Implementation of an updated FACE technology applied to a planted forest ecosystem

EuroFACE Infrastructure:
The EuroFACE infrastructure, located in central Italy (Tuscania, VT) has been completely updated and reorganised before the beginning of the fumigation operations. The poules located at the vertices of the fumigated plots have been re-built with metal frames extending up to 12 meters above the ground. Each poule has been erected over a concrete platform on ground. Signal and power cables have been carefully checked prior the beginning of the FACE operations and some previously damaged infrastructure has been replaced. In March 2003, the control units located at the centre of each ring have been re-installed and refurbished. As originally planned, the six IRGAs that are used within EuroFACE have been replaced with a new model having superior performance (PPSystem SBA-4). A new Panel-PC will be installed at the site in early September 2003.

EuroFACE operations:
FACE management was started as planned in April 2003 and maintained until present. One-minute CO2 concentration data have been acquired and stored in the local PC throughout the season with only minor interruptions due to power failures and the replacement of the data acquisition system. Spatial performance measurements are underway at present. For this, a new sonic anemometer and a fast response IRGA are being used.

CFD Modelling:
A new Computational Fluid Dynamic model has been developed and implemented to simulate gas dispersion in the EuroFACE system. The model now uses a Large Eddy Simulation approach to simulate turbulence and gas dispersion from the horizontal venting pipe. Such a model allows dynamic time-dependent simulations with time steps of 0.1 seconds which provide a very powerful tool to better understand the interaction between the weather conditions and the overall performance of the FACE system.

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