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The website of the project LUDA (Improving the quality of life in large urban distressed areas) is designed by the LUDA team of the Leibniz-Institut fuer oekologische Raumentwicklung e.V. (responsible). It is available since the 23th September 2003. The contents of the website are constantly updated since this date.
The website informs the general public and the persons interested in the urban redevelopment processes about the project's progress, its main results, current affairs and interesting topics. It is structured around 7 chapters:
- Homepage, with the hard information about the project,
- LUDA project with a complete presentation of the research project,
- Network with a presentation of each partner and a possibility having exchanges about experiences and asking questions to the consortium,
- Resources which gathers the production of the project
- Links
- Search
- Contact, the platform to answer questions on the project
The project website gives furthermore the main access to the e-Compendium.

Summary of contents:
The LUDA website is composed by several sections. Their main contents are:
- Homepage: highlights of the project, minutes of the conference, medias events,&
- LUDA project: description of the project, timetable, events,e.Compendium etc.
- Network: short description of the 16 partners and the 12 reference cities
- Resources: This section gathers the publishable outcomes of the project : like the newsletter (also archive), description of the case studies in the Partner and Reference Cities, project position papers and the e-Compendium
- Links: websites of the European Community, research projects of the partners, links of the partners institutions, useful sites.
- Contact

Main innovative features/benefits:
The website, as well as the newsletter, is oriented towards practitioners as well as academics who are interested in the topics of urban distress and urban rehabilitation. Furthermore it is used to point out the specific needs of large urban distressed areas to decision-makers and multipliers on different levels. The website informs about the highlights of the LUDA project, offers space for articles and discussions, and provides useful links. The website is a main element of the dissemination of project results and information within a broader network, e.g. e.Compendium.

Current status and use as well as potential application and end-users:
The contents of the website are of course available by the internet.
As stated above, the website is a main element of the dissemination of project results and information within a broader network. It is oriented towards all major target groups of the project :
- Planning authorities on local, regional, national and EU level needing tools for development,
- Politicians on different levels needing policy recommendations and acting as decision-makers to transmit project results into policies,
- The scientific community demanding methodologies on how to find solutions for complex problems,
- Practitioners needing planning solutions for analysis and management of distressed areas,
- Local, national and international NGOs, civic groups and associations who can act as multipliers to transmit the project results,
- Citizens and students who are interested in LUDA subjects.

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