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Policy papers

Description of the Result
The LUDA project formulated and widely disseminated 5 policy papers developed in different stages of the project. They contain recommendations addressed to different levels of decision-making. LUDA policy papers contribute therefore for change proposals expressed in the Commission s White Paper on European Governance which recommends a better stakeholders involvement, more openness, as well as better policies.
- Policy Paper 1: Sustainable Cities at the centre of the knowledge-based economy and cohesive European society. Thematic domains for future European Research within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Community for Research.
- Policy Paper 2: Improving the quality of life in large urban distressed areas (LUDA) - an issue of growing importance in Europe�s major cities (Proposal for the EUROCITIES Urban Regeneration Working Group)
- Policy Paper 3: Good Urban Governance: a Key Issue in Urban Rehabilitation is designed to increase understanding of LUDA. It recommends policy and actions to face urban regeneration.
- Policy Paper 4: Urban Integrated Intervention - How to make it better? Recommendations for a community-based and sustainable rehabilitation of the LUDA. This paper has the purpose to give a short guidance to cities, agencies, local authorities and their partners in tackling with urban distress. Urban regeneration has to be viewed holistically and be linked with quality of life issues. It presents the LUDA approach as a governance concept and management instrument.
- The Policy Paper 5: Improving the Quality of Life in LUDA as an executive summary gives a short overview about the developed LUDA approach.

Summary of scientific results:
LUDA project Policy Papers are designed to increase understanding of large urban distressed areas (LUDA) and recommend policy and actions to face them - they are prepared according to the different levels of decision takers.

Main innovative features/benefits:
The focus of the Policy Papers regards urban regeneration activities and gives advices to different decision makers levels backed on the premises that urban regeneration has to be viewed holistically and be linked with quality of life issues. LUDA project defined the 5 dimensions to describe quality of life (e.Compendium)

Current status and use:
The policy papers are being widely disseminated by all project partners

Potential application and End-users:
The policy papers are addressed to different levels of decision making from cities associations and decision-makers on higher levels, but they also are relevant for the local level as agencies tackling urban rehabilitation; once they point out important aspects of the project experience in terms of LUDA policy, participation, co-operation etc.

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