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Nanomaterials concepts

Result Description (commercial, social or scientific):
Concepts of nanomaterials suitable for thermal spraying has been established from initial guesses (based on physico-chemical principles) and extensive experimental trials of powders deposition by thermal spraying and feedback from wear testing results. A very tight experimental plan and well based loop of experiments has allowed the establishing of important principles for successfully conceive thermal spraying powders made up of agglomerated nanocrystals. Coatings with excellent characteristics and behaviour have been processed: the selection of best coatings has been made thanks to the characterization of microstructure properties (XRD and SEM investigations) together the tribological characterization. The achieved goal has been the keeping the initial nanostructure after deposition by optimised thermal spraying.
Key principles are reactivity, particles sizes and shape. The result has scientific relevance, but then most of the project results (commercial, social) are bonded to the feasible process and the availability of a suitable powder.

Key innovative features of the result:
Metallurgical principles for nanophased powders to be used in thermal spraying.

Dissemination and use potential:
The use potential of the results, associated with others projects results (in particular the availability of optimised thermal spraying processing) is extremely strong, since it opens the generation of new classes of coatings with outstanding wear properties.

Current status and use of the result and its expected benefits:
The research has confirmed that the nanostructured coatings show an improved behaviour respect to the conventional coating materials; so breakthroughs are expected into new applications of thermal spraying of nanopowders.

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