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Development of a nanostructured carbon coating for demanding tribological application and of the technology for its production

The coating developed is a nanostructured carbon coating with no other doping elements and notably hydrogen free that showed more than twice the wear resistance of MoS2 and one third of the friction coefficient of TiN. The coating is obtained at a deposition temperature of 150°C, which makes it very interesting for temperature sensitive materials, like e.g. the 100Cr6 steel, of wide use in car engine valve train components. The technology for depositing the coating is a modification of the cathodic arc evaporation, a technique well known for its ability to produce high volume of parts at low cost. Future industrialisation of this coating, even to industrial sectors characterised by high production volumes and high cost effectiveness needs, seems therefore promising. The coating showed very good performances in a very demanding actual tribological application, namely the cam tappet interface in car engines. This tribological contact shows at the same time sliding, rolling, fatigue and lubrication effects.

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