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Friction and wear reduction in tribological systems with coated components

Cr based coatings (Hauzer and Microcoat) and carbon based coatings (Hauzer and FhG IWS) were created, which showed much better tribological behaviour in the dry and lubricated contact with steel than steel surfaces.

The friction without lubrication measured in the oscillating contact with a SAE 52100 steel ball was reduced up to 70%. With lubrication a reduction up to 8 % with FVA no. 3 and up to 39 % with Selenia 5W40 respectively compared to a SAE52100 steel plate was measured.

The life time of the tribological system was increased uo to 350 times with the application of the coating on only one part of the tribological system.

The aim to create coating systems with a high wear resistance and excellent tribological properties was reached during the described period.

From the results of the oscillating ball on disc test 7 coating variants were tested on tappets in a valve train test at Schaeffler.

In the valve train test a reduction in friction up to 24 % was visible. The project target of friction reduction of 10 % can therefore be seen as reached. The well performing tappets showed a wear resistance that is maybe suitable for an application because in the valve train test wear of the coating was visible.

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