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Development of antibodies

Compounds halofuginone, nicarbazin, nitroimidazoles and toltrazuril were selected as the priority coccidiostat drugs for assay development. The first phase was to produce a panel of high quality antibodies capable of binding these drugs in a specific manner. To accomplish this the small molecular weight drugs had to be coupled to larger carrier proteins to render the conjugate immunogenic. The coccidiostat compounds were conjugated to antigenic proteins such as albumen, haemocyanin and thyroglobulin using well-documented procedures such as carbodiimide, mixed anhydride reactions and NHS ester cross-linker. Following the completion of the immungen preparation the resultant conjugates were used in a range of experimental animals to illicit humoral immune responses. The obtained polyclonal antibodies were fully characterised with regard to titre, sensitivity, and cross reactivity. Dose response curves were generated against each of the coccidiostats included in the project as well as a range of chemically and structurally related compounds to determine the sensitivity and cross reactivity of each reagent produced. In conclusion, highly useful antibodies were produced to all the selected compounds. In a number of cases, most notably nicarbazin, nitroimidazoles and toltrazuril, there have been no reported successes by any research group in the world developing immunoreagents of this quality.

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