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Confirmatory assays based on specific LC-MS-MS techniques

The confirmatory tests were based on quantitative and specific LC-MS-MS techniques. The selected coccidiostats for method development were halofuginone, nicarbazin, toltrazuril and nitroimidazoles. The sample matrix was poultry eggs and liver. Extraction protocols were developed or modified in order to save time and limit the usage of hazardous solvents. The aim was to develop confirmatory methods with sufficient sensitivity, that is to say to obtain a detection capability lower or equal to the minimum required performance limit, i.e. CCb< MRPL (b=5%). Particular emphasis was placed on the detection and elimination of potential problems associated with ionisation suppression, a phenomenon that frequently occurs in LC-MS analysis. If possible, deuterium labelled internal standards were used to facilitate the development of more robust analytical methods. All analysis methods were validated according to criteria laid down in the Annex to EC directive 96/23/EEC, which expresses a preference for the use of mass spectrometric methods in the confirmation of compounds with an MRL and an obligation to use of mass spectrometric methods in the reference analysis of compounds listed in Annex IV of Council Regulation 2377/90.

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