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Animal studies: production of incurred and spiked material (eggs & liver)

The screening and confirmatory methods for coccidiostats will eventually be implemented in laboratories involved in regulatory control, in order to improve the ability of those laboratories to enforce EU regulations. Prior to methodology transfer and as a part of method validation, the methods were checked in a realistic experimental set-up.

For this purpose the availability of samples including blank, spiked and incurred sample material was considered essential. Therefore, the preparation of blank, spiked and incurred materials from poultry (egg and liver) was incorporated in the project.

The availability of these materials served two distinct purposes:
- To verify the analytical methodology for screening and confirmatory analysis.
- Samples could be used in the organisation of international ring tests, aimed at methodology transfer and dissemination of project results, targeted at the CRL-NRL network.

With a serial kill procedure such sample material was obtained that it could be used either directly or after dilution. In this way, a realistic ratio between metabolites and parent compound and a low risk of failure with respect to too low concentration levels at the time of slaughter could be obtained.

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State Institute for Quality control of Agricultural products (RIKILT-DLO)
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