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Ring test & Technology Transfer Event

The ring test for each analyte/group of analytes was conducted amongst a number of NRLs, who were not involved in method development. The preparation of the test samples and the coordination with respect of the confirmatory assays was carried out under the supervision of RIKILT, while the coordination of the screening assays was in the hands of the University of Turku. Batches incurred material with residue concentrations close to the target concentrations were prepared from the materials obtained from the animal studies and spiked batches were prepared by fortification of blank material. The homogeneity of the incurred and spiked ring test batches was verified. Each laboratory tested 14 unknown samples per matrix and reported the results to RIKILT or University of Turku. The results were analysed qualitatively.

The screening tests for halofuginone and nicarbazin performed satisfactorily. The confirmatory methods on halofuginone and dimetridazole were evaluated to perform according to expectation, while the method on nicarbazin in one instance performed less satisfactory. Data on the method for toltrazuril were incomplete, but most likely this method performed satisfactorily as well. A Technology Transfer Event was arranged in BVL Berlin to introduce nicarbazin screening and confirmatory methods to several NRLs.

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University of Turku, Department of Biotechnology
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