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Arabidopsis biomass accumulation -3

Biomass accumulation and nitrogen (N) metabolism related traits were measured on a population of 415 recombinant inbred lines derived from a cross between the Bay-0 and Shahdara ecotypes. Plants were grown in controlled culture chambers with limiting or non-limiting N supply. Many genetic loci were identified, showing genotype X environment interactions and co-localisations of QTL have revealed interesting links between different parameters. Heterogenous inbred family approach was used to validate four QTL and fine mapping experiments have been undertaken to clone the gene that is responsible for the variation at one of these QTL. In addition, anions and carbohydrates contents were analysed in leaves of plants grown under these two N conditions. Loci controlling soluble sugars and starch accumulation were identified and shown in some cases to be co-localised with QTL for N-related traits. This study allowed us to analyse the interactions between C and N metabolisms through a novel quantitative genetic approach.

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INRA, Public Institution
INRA, route de St Cyr
78026 Versailles
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