Forschungs- & Entwicklungsinformationsdienst der Gemeinschaft - CORDIS

A collection of clinical and radiographic information on both known, unknown and molecularly confirmed cases on skeletal Dysplasia

During the course of the project we have collected the clinical and radiographic details of over 500 patients with skeletal dysplasia. This is the most comprehensive electronic collection in Europe. Furthermore, many of these cases have been molecularly confirmed. Although these data are currently available for study, there is limited utility of the archive as it stands. To fully exploit this resource we are currently devising a way to produce an archive. The development of a comprehensive archive would allow the better classification of these disorders and the recognition of new entities.

It would also provide a unique source of data for teaching and the development of e-learning resources. Furthermore, it will also promote the long term goal of collating data from human clinical studies and those data derived from model systems to better understand the pathobiology of skeletal disorders. Although we will develop this over the coming year it is hoped that funds will be available via DG SANCO.

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