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Method for carbon nanotubes production by catalytic decomposition of ethylene (C2H4) using the thermal vapor deposition (CVD) method

FORTH/ICE-HT has significant expertise in the production of novel carbon nanostructures and has developed methods based on the synthesis of carbon nanostructures with catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CCVD or CVD) of different carbon sources on substrates of metal oxides impregnated with metal catalysts. FORTH/ICE-HT can produce and deliver to potential partners high purity multi-wall and single-wall nanotubes in quantities ranging from milligrams to several hundreds of grams.

In addition to nanotubes, FORTH/ICE-HT also can offer R&D services on the process engineering of systems in which nanotubes and other nanomaterials are produced or employed.

Furthermore, FORTH/ICE-HT can provide both scientific and technological know-how on:
- Surface modification and tailoring of the chemical functionality of carbon nanotubes towards polymer matrix structures.
- Characterization of the nanotubes size distribution and dispersion capability and determine the tensile strength of nanocomposites and the orientation of the nanotubes within the nanocomposite.
- Development and characterization of CCVD nanostructured materials based on aluminium oxide and carbon.

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