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Methods of characterisation of the nonlinear optical response of solutions, dispersions and thin films

FORTH/ICE-HT has installed and operates three experimental work stations (i.e. Optical Kerr effect and Z-scan stations operating with a 35 ps laser at 532 and 1064 nm, and an optical limiting station operating with an 8 ns, at 532 and 1064 nm) in order to characterize the nonlinear optical properties of the materials produced within the consortium and test them for their sensing properties. The experimental capabilities and techniques are appropriate for studies of solutions, suspensions and films on glass, quartz or other transparent substrates.

FORTH/ICE-HT has performed complete characterizations of the nonlinear optical properties properties of all delivered films of pure metals, metal oxides, fullerene composites, and also of pure metals and metal oxides nanoparticles incorporated in polymeric matrices. Best results were obtained for gold (Au) continuous films, gold ultrathin nano-islands and fullerene dopped polymers. Two publications summarising these results are under preparation and will be submitted soon by FORTH and NHRF and FORTH and IET respectively.

In particular, it was found that the Au ultrathin nano-islands on quartz substrates were exhibiting significant variation of their nonlinear optical properties upon exposure to agents like benzene. It is the first time that such an action is observed experimentally. In addition, the influence of functional parameters like e.g. the size of the Au nano-islands, the pre- or post-treatment, the wavelength of excitation, etc. on the nonlinear optical response of these Au nanostructures have been studied.

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