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Synthesis of metal oxides by PLAD technique

WP2.5-SnO2 nanostructured films deposited by pulsed laser ablation deposition

It was found that the O2 background pressure, target-substrate distance and the substrate temperature are three critical parameters for the deposition of SnO2 films with the suited catalytic nanoarchitecture. It was also observed that the growth of the nanoparticles up to sizes of some nanometers takes place in the gas phase during the expansion of the plasma.

Yet, it was shown that for gas sensing applications, nanostructured thin films with high surface roughness are more suitable, and the smaller are the nanoparticles, the higher is the sensitivity.

Finally, the optimum deposition parameters, which allow us the preparation of high quality samples, have been established.

WP6.3- Testing systems

An upgraded version of a full testing facility has been designed and built by the present partner (UNILE-CR10). This version of gas sensing system, installed and operating in NHRF of Athens, was built on the base of experience got with previous systems built and installed in the University of Lecce. The new system is able of handling gases such as HC, CO, O2, O3, alcohols etc. This system has been interfaced with electronics and processing systems.

Publications of two papers in international scientific journals.
UNILE-CR10 has managed the deposition of nanostructured SnO2 specimens with well-defined properties in terms of morphology, structure and composition. Deliverable: published papers.
Months 12

Presentation at the Conference: Sensors & their Applications. Liverpool September 2007.
Presentation in September 2007. Deliverable publication on Proceedings of the Conference.
Months 12

Thesis of Laurea at University.
A thesis of Laurea will be discussed to the Physics Department of University of Lecce. Deliverable: Thesis of Laurea.
Months 3

Bilateral agreement with a Romanian research group.
A Romania-Italian bilateral project has been financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop gas sensor systems.
Deliverable: submitted papers.
Months 24

Collaborations with other groups are foreseen in the field of R&D, INFO and CONS.

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