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Rapid synthesis of nanoparticles of hexagonal type In2O3 and spherical type Tl2O3 by microwave irradiation

By Chitta Ranjan Patra and Aharon Gedanken, NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 28 (8): 1060-1065 2004.

Since much of the consortium activity was concentrated on metallic oxide nanoparticles being the substrates for the sensing of gases, we have tried to synthesize this materials in small scale. The method by which they were synthesized is microwave dielectric heating.

Semiconducting nanoparticles of indium and thallium oxides (In2O3 and Tl2O3) have been successfully synthesized in high yield (>95%) by microwave irradiation. The oxides are synthesized in a simple domestic microwave oven (DMO) by adding an aqueous ammonia solution to the aqueous solutions of indium chloride (InCl3) and thallium chloride (TlCl3), respectively. The particles are of uniform size, being about 16 nm and 24 nm for Tl2O3 and In2O3, respectively

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Bar-Ilan University
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