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Development of integrated system for the electronic control of automatic gas testing chamber installed at the NHRF

3D Digital Design and Development participation in the Nanophos project lead to the development of 3 basic systems, which will have use in research and industrial arenas these are:

- Project management database, which allows the tracking of large research projects, which involve a number of partners in different countries. This ties up all project workplane, deliverables and partners interaction and results.

- Automatic Gas Test Chamber Control System this allows the implementation of operating various control valves, gas mass flow controllers, using recipe approach and various hardware calibration parameters. The software allows the user to set up a full test cycle for a given test, these may be stored and used or edited. Safety consideration was implemented in the overall design and execution of the system. The system supports real time data logging and display to assist the operator to monitor the progress of the current test.

- Stand alone electronic platform for testing the Nanophos sensors in free space and waveguide configuration.

The free space system provided fully ratiometric measurement system, which automatically compensate for the laser excitation sensors and any environmental variation.

Various tests were carried to confirm the system performance under industrial operation. The overall results confirm the success of this approach. Basic tests over a distance of few meters were demonstrated at NHRF facilities in Athens.

The system design was based on the use of inexpensive off the shelf electronic optical components.

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