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Enhancing nonlinear optical response of ultrathin Au nanoisland films

The influence of several different solvents (i.e. of polar and non-polar nature) on the third order nonlinear optical response of ultrathin Au island films has been investigated in details.

For this purpose, several annealed thin Au island type films having different thicknesses were prepared, both uncoated and coated with polyisoprene and were studied. In all cases, their NLO response was measured before and after being exposed to the solvents.

The main results can be summarized as following:
- A significant enhancement of about 400% of the nonlinear optical response was observed during the first 10 minutes after benzene exposure, followed by a gradual reduction upon time, leading finally to the initial observed nonlinear response of the unexposed film.
- Similar experiments performed using chloroform resulted to very small modification of the NLO response.
- Acetone exposure resulted in a marked decrease of the OKE signal by about 17%.

The results of this investigation are in the preparation phase of a paper, which will be submitted for publication very soon.

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Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas - ICE/HT
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