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Integrated free space remote sensor optics platform enabling multiple sensing operations by use of different sensor heads

An optical sensor interrogation platform comprising one transmitter unit, one sensor head with retro-reflecting capability incorporating the active sensor element and a receiver optics unit.

The system comprises laser beam collimators and expanders according to the application and interrogation optical path length. Platforms comprise opto-mechanical mounts for optics, source(s) and receiver(s). If natural obstacles obscure the optical path, the use of a fiber optic link is provided.

They comprise at least one additional system for providing a normalisation optical reference independent of the sensing operation, by use of a multiplexed wavelength(s) and / or polarisation modulation or separate neighbouring beams, or there are provided means for interrogation by optical imaging.

The system is accepting one or more active sensor materials in an interchangeable fashion. In another embodiment a plurality of sensor heads is provided with multiple sensing operations via wavelength multiplexing. Special adaptive or holographic optics and the like to compensate for atmospheric effects are used as appropriate.

The system is used in conjunction with active sensor materials and an electronics platform, to produce a photonic sensor system for multiple applications in environmental and industrial monitoring and control, with extended use in health sciences and other sectors.

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