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Electronic interfaces for temperature sensor

The design and prototype manufacture of Nanophos Sensors demonstrate beyond doubt the feasibility of such devices.

With increase in awareness of the effects of pollutant gases and their effect on the EU citizens and environment, new safe, reliable and economical sensors will find wide acceptance in the home and the workspace.

The introduction and the expansion of the use of natural gas heating systems in the home and most commercial building requires constant monitoring and alarming of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. In addition the ever-increasing use of land-filled sites across the EU, leads to an increase in the discharge of methane gas in the environment which increases the level of pollution and the possible of explosions

The current prototype sensors developed during the Nanophos project show promising results which would lead to the possibility of apply to venture capital in order to manufacture second level of prototypes which will be demonstrated on actual prospective clients sites over a medium period to generate high level of confidence in the accuracy, reliability and long term stability.

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