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Learning object development

Both public and private sector partners in CELEBRATE created a critical mass of standards' compliant Learning Objects for use in both primary and secondary schools. By the start of the pilot phase (November 2003) approximately 350 LOs were available to schools and by June 2004, approximately 1350 standards' compliant LOs (all language versions) were available via the CELEBRATE Demonstration Portal.

A further result has been the development and testing of 25 "authoring templates" that will allow teachers and pupils to create their own Learning Objects. Development of these tools was not foreseen in the original project proposal but it is hoped that their availability will help CELEBRATE to significantly expand the number of resources available to schools. The templates became available in the second half of the main pilot phase.

Over 2400 tagged Learning Assets were also available on the Demo Portal at the end of the project. These resources (images, audio files, etc.) were provided mainly to assist teachers wishing to develop their own LOs using the CELEBRATE authoring templates.

The first LOs (around 50) from external content providers (Intel, Young Digital Poland) were added to the Demonstration Portal in April/May 2004.

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