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Production of long monomolecular G4-DNA

The above molecules were used as the starting point for designing new procedures for complexation with metal ions and production of µm-long monomolecular G4-DNA nanowires [1]. Synthesis of the above DNA-derivatives was optimised and complemented by characterization using standard (bio) chemical methods [1], Atomic and Electrostatic Force Microscopy (AFM and EFM) [1,2], Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM) [3,4] and Spectroscopy (STS) [5], electrical transport measurements, and theory [6].

The efficiency of the method for the synthesis of G4-DNA was optimised. G4-DNA was originally synthesized from long polyG-polyC double-stranded DNA that is produced enzymatically with Klenow exonuclease minus DNA polymerase. The strands were separated chromatographically at high pH, and the G4-DNA molecules were formed upon lowering of the pH. It was found that dCTP (cytosine tri-phosphate) can be replaced during the enzymatic synthesis with an oligomer of cytosine (typically 20-mer), to obtain a double helix of polyG with unconnected oligomers of C. This improved dramatically the separation yield of the polyG from the fragmented oligomers of C under basic conditions, and hence enabled us to obtain much higher yields in G4-DNA production, although less size uniformity on the surface is observed [7]

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