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Lambda editor

The Lambda project realized 2 important parts:
- The 8-dot mathematical Lambda code
- The mathematical Lambda editor

The first one consists of a linear mathematical syntax and an 8-dot representation adapted to the 6-dot Braille combinations, traditionally used in the various countries considered. The second one is a software product consisting of a writing editor and a didactical help for the solution of mathematical expressions in 8-dot Braille.

The nature of the two products requires a different commitment by the consortium members. This agreement will cause:
1) the associations and the universities, members of the LAMBDA consortium, to become the reference and the authority for the maintenance and the management of the Lambda code.
2) ARCA e VEIA to become the software owners, and they will sign a mutual collaboration agreement for the marketing and the maintenance of the product. In particular, ARCA will take care of the commercial and marketing aspects, and the contacts with associations and institutions, while VEIA will take care of the maintenance, the software development and the customer care.
3) the consortium partners to have the chance to purchase the LAMBDA programme at a lower price for next 5 years, with a discount of 30% on the full price.

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