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Breaching the cultural gap between physicists computer scientists and mathematicians working on quantum information processing

The partners in the project are very conscious of the importance of breaking the cultural barriers between scientists in the physics, mathematics, computer science communities working on QIPC.

The main actions taken to remedy are:
1) organization of joint workshops and conferences;
2) visits between partners to establish collaborations on specific problems;
3) Exchange of scientific personnel, ie. post-doc level researchers initially working in one partner's group moving to another partner.

The above actions have been very effective and much collaboration has taken place between the partners. The number of collaborations between the partners has increased over the duration of the project: in 2003 there were 5 collaborative works published in journals or conference proceedings; in 2004 there were 7 collaborative works published; in 2005 there were 22 collaborative works published; and, as of January 2006, there are 20 collaborative works submitted for publication or in preparation

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