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Renewable energy technology evaluation matrix

A critical element of the project is in the Quantifiable criterion for selection of appropriate technologies. This has taken the form of a numerical assessment of technology application, based upon a decision MATRIX.

The matrix has determined the selected technologies for subsequent approved implementation. Standards, such as cost/tonne or emissions/tonne processed, have been quantified on a score of 1-10 for each of the 4 main criterion (as per ENERGIE programme and key action strategic indicators). The results were presented in matrix format.

Each parameter has been assessed on a minimum threshold criterion, where failure to achieve any one of the minimum scores eliminated the technology from application within the sector. In this way only those technologies suitable in all regards were recommended for implementation and uptake. The matrix did however take into account development and progress of a technology and provide for anticipated benefit and threshold compliance.

This gave rise to a ranking system for applicability to the technology within the target sector and allowing for a grading of Best to Worst. A minimum of 6 applicable and appropriate technology suppliers will be derived.

This information has also be used to tailor technology applicability to a particular leather sector application across the variations within the leather sector, either geographically, by gasification process type, according to legislative requirements, or via nationally specific demands.

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