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New laboratory and field validated environmentally friendly water tracers

New environemtally friendly water tracers have been developed by IFE. The new chemical compounds are non-radiactive and have been tested and validated in the laboratory as well as in the field. In total, five new tracers passed the stability tests and survived under reservoir conditions at 200°C. Seven tracer candidates passed the tests at 150 °C. All investigated fatty acids passed the dynamic flow experiments. In consequence, a new suite of possible tracers for water flow has been qualified. Most importantly, the compounds have been selected so that they do not pose any threat to the environment. It is well known, how useful the use of tracer technology is in order to reducing time and costs, extending production and optimizing oil recovery. Until now, only three water non-radioactive tracers were considered as environmentally safe for use in the North Sea oilfields. The development of the new water tracers is a solution to the tracer shortage problem that the oil companies have been facing.

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Institute for Energy Technology
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