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Methodology for economic/environmental assessment

This assessment compares in detail the costs, environmental impact of equipment, consumed materials and waste treatment in several high-efficiency mc-Si cell processing sequences developed within TOPSICLE. For this SCHOTT Solar has worked out a Methodology how to collect and analyse the detailed and complex data. The focus of this assessment was to serve as a steering instrument the TOPSICLE development efforts.

Detailed economical analysis showed that a newly developed in-line process resulting in 16.5% cell efficiency and based on isotexturing and screen-printing could result in a cost reduction of about 6% compared to a reference process with 15.5% cell efficiency. For a 17% cell process the cost reduction will be 8-9%. The ABC cell concept is more complex, but will result in higher efficiencies. Based on the currently available data, it is estimated that the efficiency for the ABC cells should be about 2% absolute higher to achieve the same cost per Wp.

A comprehensive study on the developed processes was carried out with respect to the national legislation and the EC directives. For all newly developed processes a limited environmental effect is expected. All emissions will be below 10% of the limits when the exhaust of chemical and furnace processes is purified and recycled. All this can be done with state-of-the-art technologies.

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