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Successful planning and performance of field tracer experiments offshore

Successful planning and performance of field experiments were carried out offshore (Statoil fields). All safety aspects had to be taken care of. The qualified gas and water tracers were injected in appropriate amounts and gas samples were regularly taken and analysed. One representative compound for each of the two groups of gas and water tracers was selected for field tests in Statoil offshore wells. Cyclopropane was chosen as the test candidate for the cycloalkane series of gas tracer compounds, whereas deuterated valeric acid (pentanoic acid) was selected for water injection field testing. The injected amounts of each tracer were estimated according to a standard Statoil procedure based on calculation of the volume available for dilution of the tracer between the injector and the producer. The gas injection was performed on September 7th 2006 at Statfjord field while the water tracer injection was carried out on June 1st, 2006 at Gullfaks.

At the time of the preparation of this report, breakthrough of the tracers had not been observed in either field (Statfjord or Gullfaks). Since the methods for the analysis of the water and gas tracers are ready for implementation, the analyses of the tracer samples can start as soon as the samples arrive at the laboratory. The major tracer responses for both tracers are expected to pass the selected production wells within half a year (end of 2006). The partners will continue the work following the breakthrough of the tracers after the official end date of the project at their own expences and they intend to issue a complimentary report on the final conclusions.

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