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Ceramic-supported palladium-based membranes for hydrogen separation

The separation and purification of hydrogen is an essential component in the exploitation of hydrogen as an energy carrier in stationary and transport applications, particularly for fuel cells. Smaller scale and distributed applications require miniaturised technologies. Palladium metal and its alloys can uniquely purify hydrogen by membrane diffusion, but palladium is very expensive. To be competitive, the membrane should be thinner than 7 microns and pin hole free. The proposer has developed a process for the production of 3 -10 micron membranes supported on porous ceramic and tested prototype hydrogen separators that meet relevant permeation, purity and cost targets for economic acceptance. It is recognised that surface perfection of the ceramic support is critical to reliable manufacture of thin membranes and their reliability in use. For widespread exploitation, development is required to produce packaging designs that are reliable and economic to manufacture.

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