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Design and detailed engineering of biological wastewater treatment plant coupled with Advanced Oxidation Treatment

Photo-Fenton treatment with 20 mg L-1 of Fe2+ was efficient enough, and no catalyst separation was required in the combined system AOP-biotreatment, as the concentration was low enough to ensure non-inhibitory effects on the activated sludge.

Evaluation of the combined photocatalytic-biological system developed has demonstrated photo-Fenton pre-treatment completely removed the pollutants and enhanced its biodegradability, producing a biocompatible effluent, which was completely mineralized by the biological system in an Immobilised Biomass Reactor. The combined system was able to totally mineralise 95% of initial TOC of over 400 mg L-1.

The beneficial effects of this two-steps field treatment has therefore been confirmed at pilot scale. Photo-Fenton under sunlight using CPC reactors was able to remove the biorecalcitrant compound and produce biocompatible intermediates required for further biological treatment. These results indicate that a combined solar photocatalytic-biological process is an effective approach for the treatment of biorecalcitrant pollutants present in water.

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