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Ice thickness surveys reveal thick ice in Fram Strait and Lincoln Sea

Airborne EM ice thickness surveys have been performed during all three GreenICE field campaigns, in Fram Strait (2003) and in the Arctic Ocean/Lincoln Sea north off Alert/Ellesmere Island (2004 and 2005). All surveys have been carried out in April/May. Modal ice thickness was 2.8 m in Fram Strait, relatively thick compared to measurements in other years. In 2004, modal thicknesses were between 3.6 and 4 m north of Alert and around the GreenICE ice camp. In 2005, ice thicknesses ranged around 4.6 m in the same region, showing a 0.8 m increase. In addition, the amount of deformed ice was considerably larger.

In all three cases, the thick ice is a result of variable ice dynamics, as can be shown with ice drift data obtained by other GreenICE project partners. In 2003, thick ice has moved into Fram Strait from the west, due to a basin wide, anomaluos cyclonic drift pattern during the preceding months.

Buoy deployed in 2004 showed a southward drift of 60 miles between 2004 and 2005, resulting in compression of the ice against the coast and consequently much thicker ice in the same area in 2005.

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