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Reconstruction of sea surface temperature off the north Icelandic shelf over 0-2000 and 6000-8000 years

Sea surface temperatures have been generated at unprecedented high resolution using alkenone paleothermometry along the MD99-2275 core (66°33N; 17°42W, 470m) located off North Icelandic shelf. The achieved temporal resolution is 2-5 years for the 0-2000 year intervall and 5 years for the 6000-8000 years. Owing to its location, the core is influenced by the cold and fresh waters of the East Greeland Current to the North and the warmer and saltier waters of the North Icelandic Irminger Current a limb of the Gulf Stream. Therefore, these data allow reconstruction of the temporal evolution of polar front movement in a region where atmospheric forcing North Atlantic Oscillation has a dominant control on the interannual variability. This time series valuable for further comparison with model simulation of climatic forcings (solar, volcanic etc).

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