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Comparison of the Gulf Stream activity at Cape Hatteras for two recent period with different solar isolation forcing

Analyses of oxygen and carbon isotopic compositions and the Magnesium/Calcium ratios of the planktonic foraminifera Globigerinoides ruber white were made on core MD99-2203 (34°58 38N, 75°12 06 W, 620 meters depth), located off Cape Hatteras on the Gulf Stream path.

The Mg/Ca ratio is directly connected to the calcification temperature and the oxygen isotopic composition is a function of the temperature and the salinity of the water.
This allows us to reconstruct surface hydrological variation of the Gulf Stream. The time resolution of the analysis are very high (8-10 years) for the interval 0-2000 years B.P. and ( 30-35 years ) for the interval 6000-8000 years B.P. that correspond to two different periods of solar forcing.

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