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Reconstructions of Nordic Sea temperature and sea ice variability over the last 1200 years

Reconstructions of surface layer temperatures and sea ice variability have been produced for two sites in the Nordic Seas over the past 1200 years, one site MD2011 from the Vøring Plateau along the Eastern inflowing branch, and one Site MD2275 off the north coast of Iceland.

Sea ice variability was reconstructed from historical observations at Iceland, and from sediment mineralogy at both sites. Sea surface temperatures were reconstructed using transfer function based on diatom and foraminifera assemblages, and the foraminifera-based geochemical proxies, Ca/Mg ratios and stable isotopes.

At each site, temperature-proxies correspond well with sea ice reconstructions on the centennial time scales. The sea ice proxies also document W-E movements of the Arctic and Polar fronts. There is a clear warming in the MWP, and earlier onset of the LIA North of Iceland compared with in the East, and a mutual variability within the LIA.

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