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DME Fuel Injection System

Within the AFFORHD programme, a fuel injection system for the direct injection of Dimethylether (DME) into a heavy-duty diesel cycle engine has been developed. The system is a 'low pressure' common rail type system and comprises a high-pressure pump, rail and injectors with associated components and devices.

Emphasis has been laid on the particular characteristics of DME, namely its low lubricity, low viscosity and special requirements in terms of elastomers and sealing. Suitable solutions have been found for the system and prototype systems have been produced for use in the project. The system has been extensively tested on the test rig before fitting to the engine. Durability tests have also been carried out, indicating that the system has reached a sufficient degree of maturity for the requirements of this project.

The system injects the required quantities of fuel at the required pressures and timings into the cylinder at the desired pressures. Engine tests indicate that the system meets the targets and the engine performance targets have been met. In addition to good engine performance, low emissions levels (NOx <2.0g/ with spotless combustion have been achieved.

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