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DME feed pump

From existing DME fuel systems is known that tank systems with electronics inside the DME tank have a high failure rate. DME has no lubricity properties and it harms most gasket- and o-ring materials. With that in mind a solution was sought for a DME feed pump that needs no electronics inside the tank and has no sliding parts that are in contact with DME.

The result is a DME feed pump with an active inlet valve, capable of pumping 2.2 litres of DME per minute at a pressure of 15 bars. The pump is mounted inside the fuel tanks and operated by hydraulics. Only one hydraulic connection going into the tank is necessary. This pump can also be used for other gaseous fuels that are stored in a liquefied form like LPG.

A prototype of this low pressure DME feed system has been built into a Volvo truck. The system comprises 5 tanks of 116 litre each as well as hydraulics and electronics for autonomous operation. Independent of flow the system delivers DME at 15 bars towards the high-pressure fuel injection system at the engine. At the end of the project the truck with this fuel feed system installed operated properly, a field test is foreseen.

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