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Engine Control Module (ECM) for DME fuel injection system

A new generation Volvo fuel injection control system (FIE ECM) was modified for use with the DME fuel injection system developed by AVL PTI. New software was developed to control the common rail type DME fuel injection system. The control system was developed so that project partners could develop and implement new DME specific algorithms.

After implementation of the functionality a period of optimisation work followed with new software and datasets being installed and run on the engine at AVL NA with the purpose of running it in a vehicle. The engine control system was run in a large engine speed/load area with the pedal and at the same time the engine speed was changed with the dyno. All the controllers were active and worked well enough to have the engine installed in a vehicle. Also the starting functionality was tested and found to work in the test bench.

During the last months of the project the engine was installed in the vehicle and the ECU was found to perform well also in this environment and the operation of the vehicle was successfully demonstrated at the final project meeting. The new software gives a short software development loop, necessary for the optimisation work in this project. The hardware has reached a very production like appearance and the software optimisation work has met the target of Euro5 exhaust emission level.

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